Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Episode #100- The What If...Cast - 03

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Join me, Dr. G the Man of Nerdology, with my rotating team-up of returning co-hosts and new co-hosts as we explore the realm of what could have been on the What If...Cast. In each episode we will explore an issue of Marvel Comics anthology series WHAT IF as we dive into the infinite possibilities of the Marvel Multiverse.

In this episode, I am joined by returning guest host to the Pulp 2 Pixel Podcasts, and author of comics book series such as the acclaimed Only Living Boy and the upcoming Only Living Girl from Papercutz, David Gallaher. We will be reading and reviewing What If Issue 22 Volume 1 titled “What If Doctor Doom Became a Hero?”.

If you wish to follow the works of David Gallaher you can find them at Bottled-Lightning.Com 

Finally if you wish to view the Spider-Man fan film by this issue of What If's writer Don Glut we mention in the episode, you can find it here: https://youtu.be/yezvybYXlXs 

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  1. Another interesting issue of "What If" to cover. Glad I'm reading along with the show. I got a kick out of Doom still referring to himself in the third person. That right there is the number one sign that this Doom still has the same ego we know, and a good hint of his decision at the end.

    I do wonder if this story influenced the Waid/Wieringo "Unthinkable" storyline from their seminal FF run. Kind of surprised it didn't come up, but hey, Dr G and David had more than enough to discuss, so no complaints here! Great job!