Monday, June 17, 2019

Episode #102- The What If...Cast - 04


Welcome Junior Watchers!

Join me, Dr. G the Man of Nerdology, with my rotating team-up of returning co-hosts and new co-hosts as we explore the realm of what could have been on the What If...Cast. In each episode we will explore an issue of Marvel Comics anthology series WHAT IF as we dive into the infinite possibilities of the Marvel Multiverse.

What If? (1989-1998) #55 What If? (1989-1998) #56










In this episode, I am joined by returning guest host to the Pulp 2 Pixel Podcasts, and host of Class1000: A Marvel Super Heroes RPG Actual Play Podcast and the Quantum Cast, Gene Hendricks. Gen joins me to discuss  “What If the Avengers Lost Galactic Storm”. This is a two issue story from Volume 2 of the What If series.

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  1. Ummm, so, Cap DID say Avengers Assemble in a movie in Endgame!

  2. I should be commenting about Galactic Storm or this What If story, but I'm stuck thinking about the Watcher and the listener taking a break between the 2 parts of his tale. "Excuse me, my Watchdog needs his walkies, but I'll be right back to finish the story." I've always taken it for granted that Uatu is breaking the fourth wall in "narrator mode", but this take was hilarious!!

    Marvel Unlimited comes through again, letting me read a comic on this show, furthering the podcast community completely controlling my reading habits! I HAVE NO WILL OF MY OWN!!

    The writer's name looked familiar from Iron Man around the time when the War Machine armor was created, so I checked, and sure enough, Len Kaminski was even Iron Man's writer at the beginning of Galactic Storm. Interesting opportunity for a writer to take a plot he'd already developed into a different direction.

    I completely agree that Monica should have appeared somewhere in part 2. An off-screen death was just not satisfying for one of my favorite Avengers. I can see her and Living Lightning being prime targets of the Kree since they're so powerful, all the more reason to acknowledge how they died. A missed opportunity, that.

    I actually found the artwork pretty good, not great, but good. Maybe you successfully lowered my expectations. (hooray?)

    Ok, I promise not to be a downer for every episode, but this is another good example of why I have to take "What If" stories in small dosages. I like the concepts, but in execution, it gets overboard on "we'd never get to kill these characters in the regular series, so you dead and you dead and ..." It's just not my thing. Guess I'm ... a killjoy.

    BUT! Still loving the show! So cool hearing Dr G and Gene together. Great job, and see you next time, Watchdogs!