Thursday, July 18, 2019

Episode #105- The What If...Cast - 05

Welcome Junior Watchers!
Join me, Dr. G the Man of Nerdology, with my rotating team-up of returning co-hosts and new co-hosts as we explore the realm of what could have been on the What If...Cast. In each episode we will explore an issue of Marvel Comics anthology series WHAT IF as we dive into the infinite possibilities of the Marvel Multiverse.

In this episode, I am joined by guest host Rick Heinichen of Unpacking the Power of Power Pack. We will be covering What If Issues 12 Volume 2 titled “What If The X-Men Stayed in Asgard”.
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  1. I was collecting New Mutants and X-Men during the Asgard epic, and of course I loved it. So this What If was lots of fun. The story came together quite nicely and fit this volume of What If using more recent events, rather than "classic" ones. Not sure how I read it. I don't have a copy of it, maybe I borrowed it from a friend back in the day. Sigh.

    But it suffers from two problems.

    The cover. It's a striking image, but a HUGE spoiler for the story. I'd rather have seen a montage of the X-Asgardians, and saved the surprise of Throg fighting Storm for the inside.

    The ending. I've said it before, but my main turnoff from What If is the sad endings. It's like a rule, "see, this all ends badly, so aren't you glad the regular stories didn't go this way?" The coda with Loki was completely unnecessary, except to be a deliberate downer.

    Always a treat to hear Dr G, and my man Rick! You guys are great together! Well done! Till next time, Watchies!

  2. And you hate hate hate.....where is the love man!

    I can easily ignore the is such a tack on. But, I think you are wrong on the cover. It is soooooo iconic.

    Always live your comments!