Sunday, September 1, 2019

Episode #108 - Motu-Cast #07 - He-Man/Thundercats

MotU Cast: A He-Man and the Masters of the Universe Podcast!
I am Doctor G the Man of Nerdology and Host of the Pulp 2 Pixel Podcasts. With each episode of MotU-Cast, I and my regular rogues gallery of co-hosts and special guest will explore the world of Eternia through the media multiverse of toys, comics, cartoons, and beyond.
Turn the Page and Unlock the Power of Grayskull!
In this episode, my long missing sidekicks returns, as Sean and Alex join me to do a deep dive into the the six issue crossover He-Man/Thundercats six -issue mini series from December 2016-to May 2017. The creative team on this book was of Writer: Rob David (& Lloyd Goldfine on issue 1) Artist: Freddie E. Williams II Letterer: Wes Abbott Colorist: Jeremy Colwell & Editor: Kristy Quinn. It should be noted the Rob David will also be writing for the new Master of the Universe Anime on Netflix as well and was the writer of the Eternity War arc the closed out the most recent run of Masters of the Universe at DC.  So without further ado, let us Turn the Page and Unlock the Power of Grayskull!

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