Sunday, December 1, 2019

Episode #114 - Secret Wars & Beyond #31

Marvel's Secret Wars & Beyond is be a monthly show where Sean, Greg, and Doctor G will read & review Marvel's 1984 series Secret Wars as well as the sequels and connected issues.

With Secret Wars II firmly behind us we are now looking to the next iteration of the the Secret Wars title. To this end we will be reading an reviewing the Jonathan Hickman run of Secret Wars from 2015

In this episode, the band is back together as Dr. G returns to regular hosting duty on Secret Wars and Beyond. Sean and Dr. G will be covering the New Avengers Vol.1 from 2013 by Jonathan Hickman. This six issue arc, lays the ground work for what will be the continuity redefining Secret Wars from 2015. 

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1 comment:

  1. This initial storyline picks up from Bendis' New Avengers Vol 2 #7-12, where the Hood tries to assemble the Infinity Gauntlet, but ends with Iron Man holding the gauntlet (hello End Game foreshadowing) and the Illuminati hiding the stones but with Steve getting the sixth stone. This time, Tony claimed "we're going to do it right this time." And we see how long *that* lasted!

    But that also makes me wonder if Hickman and Bendis collaborated to some degree before this series. Putting Cap with the group just to mindwipe him, and all of the fallout from that. And is it just coincidence that Bendis put Namor in the group, considering how his actions later are downright essential to the story? Are there really that many characters that would do what Namor does, but be believably part of group? I really don't think so.

    Excellent start! The Beyondists are back!