Wednesday, February 5, 2020

Episode #118 - Secret Wars & Beyond #33

Marvel's Secret Wars & Beyond is be a monthly show where Sean, Greg, and Doctor G will read & review Marvel's 1984 series Secret Wars as well as the sequels and connected issues.

With Secret Wars II firmly behind us we are now looking to the next iteration of the the Secret Wars title. To this end we will be reading an reviewing the Jonathan Hickman run of Secret Wars from 2015

In this episode, Sean and Dr. G conclude our review of the lead up to Secret Wars by covering the Time Runs Out arc of New Avengers 22-33 & Avengers 35-44. Here we see the origin of the incursions and see the final days of the 616 and Ultimate Marvel Universes.


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1 comment:

  1. Another great discussion of this storyline. Hickman was on point bringing all of the pieces together here, and I agree with your takes. Hate Steve/Tony fighting as the world ends. Love Roberto/Sam stepping up to do something. So cold how T'Challa tried to kill Namor. Sue is the best secret agent. Love love love.

    I also am down with Spider-Man being the one to save reality. Consider the premise of Hickman's storyline is "Everything dies." One of Slott's tenets for Spider-Man is "Nobody dies." That contrast right there would have been great to see here.

    Ok, I have a not-so-secret question for you guys. With the "All is Doom" talk, do you think Doom believes in (looks up word) Solipsism, that only he and his mind exist? If we take that hypothesis, that explains how Doom approaches everything! I have some counter thoughts on this theory, but really wonder what you guys think, too. And I'm sure Professor Middleton would exorcise me for daring to suggest such a theory.

    Wonderful episode, Beyondists!