Monday, October 12, 2020

The Never Ending Reading Pile Episode 6: Alpha Flight 29

The Never Ending Reading Pile is back, and this time Sean and Greg head up north to America's hat to discuss Marvel's premiere Canadian team, Alpha Flight! We cover the Byrne era, but our focus is the strange handoff from Byrne to MIgnola and Mantlo. Join us for some in depth discussion, eh! 

Alpha Flight (1983) #1 | Comic Issues | Marvel

Alpha Flight Vol 1 29 | Marvel Database | Fandom

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  1. Alpha Flight vol 1 #1-12 is a golden year of comics. I would also say the backup stories in #2-11, giving the original team members' origins are part of that. They had no backstory before their appearance in X-Men, and it really let me connect to the team so fast. Love it. So it's hard to narrow down my favorite Alpha Flight to smaller than #1-12.

    But I have an incredibly soft spot for #6 (Snow Blind), #9-10 (Sasquatch vs Super-Skrull because OMG THAT FIGHT WAS PHENOMENAL), and #11-12. (which I read in opposite order because I didn't find #11 on the racks at the time, so um, Spoilers younger me!)

    And yeah, I ain't really a horror guy, which made Mantlo's run hard for me to enjoy. I tried and hung in until #50, which is much longer than I probably should have. Just inertia of my collecting, it's always harder for me to drop a book once I've started it.

    Another excellent episode, my ... Pilers? Till next time!