Sunday, November 1, 2020

Never Ending Reading Pile Episode 7 - The New Warriors

The Never Ending Reading Pile is back with the heroes for the 90's: The New Warriors! Join us as we discuss one of the best series of the 90's, the origin of Mark Bagley, and the brilliance of Fabian Nicieza. 

New Warriors (1990) #1 | Comic Issues | Marvel

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  1. The New Warriors! I bought their introduction in Thor's Acts of Vengeance issues, and collected the series from issue #1 all the way to #75. You guys are probably tired of me gushing about this series and team, so I won't do it again. You get it.

    As far as a team of castoffs, I'd also suggest the JLI. In spite of Batman's inclusion, the cast overwhelmingly was characters without solo books or soon-to-be canceled. So that's my pick.

    And of course, Firestar is the best comic character originating outside comics. But another great one is Kaldur'ahm/Aqualad from the Young Justice cartoon. And in my head, Barbara Gordon Batgirl is first a Batman '66 character (Sept 1967), even though I know she debuted in the comics first (Jan 1967). But dang! That's a fast jump from comics to TV!

    Another New Warriors note: I really enjoyed the whole team's appearance in one issue of the Busiek/Perez Avengers, and also sad because odds were not good for Busiek to write an ongoing for the Warriors. That issue was so good, but Busiek was way too busy for it. Sigh.

    Excellent episode, Pile Readers! (what?)