Saturday, June 17, 2023

Process & Inspiration: Outlaw Comics & 80’s Indie Comics


Welcome to my first Comic Haul Video. Part of the process of making of comics is the reading of comics for inspiration and instruction. To this end I have my most recent haul of books from a local used bookstore. 

Shout out to Books on 7th Ave for these great finds. This is a great used bookstore and I recommend them if you are ever in Phoenix.

I also recommend the guys over at the Turbo-Pit Fighter channel. They are also creating a comic series and documenting the process online.

Finally for my fellow Michael Moorcock fans out there, let me recommend the Breakfast In The Ruins Podcast. A great show for all things Moorcock and the Eternal Champion. 

List of Books Featured in this video.

Michael Moorcock’s Hawkmoon: Jewel in the Skull No. 1,2,3 (First Comics)

Michael Moorcock’s Hawkmoon: The Runestaff. No. 2 (First Comics)

Shatter No.2 (First Comics)

The Eradicators No. 2 (Silverwolf Comics)

Psycho-Path No. 1 (Greater Mercury Comics)

Legion X II No. 5 (Greater Mercury Comics)

Ninja No. 6, 11 (Eternity Comics)

Gantar: The Last Nabu No.3 (Target Comics)

Darkwood No. 1 (Aircel Comics)

Kyra No. 2, 5 (Elsewhere Productions)

Cyber Hawks: Tales of Neil’s Legend No. 2 (Pyramid Press)

Gene Day’s Black Zeppelin No.1 (Renegade Press)

Neomen No. 1 (Slave Labor Graphics)

Chrome No. 1 (Hot Comics)

Keith Laumer’s Retief! No. 4 (Mad Dog Graphics)

Flesh & Bones Featuring Dalgoda No. 1, 3, 4 (Upshot Graphics)

Roel No.1 (Sirius Entertainment)

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