Monday, October 2, 2023

Miss Fury - A Tribute to June Tarpé Mills

Since there are so many prompt lists out there each October I like to pick and choose from each sometimes combining prompts from multiple lists/days.

For this years activities I am kicking it off with the Cartoonist Kayfabe prompt for #kayfabetober Golden Age

To represent the Golden Age of comics I am doing a tribute to one of these few female cartoonists of the Golden Age, June Tarpé Mills. While she had created characters such as the Purple Zombie, Daredevil Barry Finn, and Mann of India by far her most famous character was Miss Fury. Miss Fury (originally titled Black Fury) ran as a syndicated newspaper comic strip for April 1941 to December 1951. The strip was full of action, adventure, and romance. The strip would introduce elements of contemporary fashion design to the work as well as more progressive ideas about the roles of women in society. Particularly, Marla Drake would adopt a young boy being a single unwed mother. A fact that got a few newspapers to drop the trip.

Personally, I love her art work. I first came across it about two years ago and was blown away. Her inclusion of fashion and her rendering of the female form easily puts her in the ranks of the good girl artists of the era. Her inclusion of fashion in her work is also very clear and beautiful.

Learn more about her and her work at

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