Thursday, February 28, 2019

Episode #94 - Marvel's Secret Wars & Beyond 29

Marvel's Secret Wars & Beyond is be a monthly show where Sean, Greg, and Doctor G will read & review Marvel's 1984 series Secret Wars as well as the sequels and connected issues.
We covered the much beloved volume 1, and now we are going where we were told no man could go and remain sane: Secret Wars II! Revel in the adventure as the Beyonder journeys to Earth and changes our lives forever!
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In this episode, Sean and Greg are joined by Clinton Robison from The Coffee and Comics podcast to review Fantastic Four 319, titled "Secret Wars 3!" In this episode we discuss Steve Englehart's brilliant (?) resolution to Secret Wars 2 that nobody asked for, Greg loses his mind in an all time great tirade, and we put Clinton to the test.

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  1. I would leave a comment but I rage-quit the episode right after that Peter Parker-Mary Jane blasphemy.

    1. NAH! Just messing with ya! Of course I listened to the whole thing. But did I worry you? Heh-heh!

      Oh my, take it easy, Greg. Calm down. Maybe have a nice cup of coffee. I'm sure Clinton can get you one.

      You know I'm not that critical, but I did feel like poor Clinton didn't get as much chance to share his thoughts from Greg and Sean jumping in. I'm sure that wasn't the intention, but that's what it sound like at times.

      But lots of interesting discussion for this issue, as always! I do have a couple of my own. Oh you thought I'd be done now that I've been a guest? ROFL!

      I have NOT thought about how Ben and Sharon ... express their feelings. So thanks for that uncomfortable line of inquiry.

      Sad Doom IS the best Doom next to "every Doom is a Doombot" and "Doom wearing his girlfriend's skin."

      I thought the point of this issue was that everyone thinks they have THE perfect Beyonder story!

      Maybe another editorial reason for this issue was to undo all of the Marvel heroes letting a baby die.

      Do all of the people in Beyonder's "New Universe" look like Steve Rogers and Alison Blaire?

      I love the TM (trademark) at the end of "Secret Wars 3" on the title page.

      How come Englehart didn't work in other reality-shaping characters like Korvac or Proteus?

      Namor (adult man) romantically involved with Marrina (portrayed as TEENAGED girl). And who set up that relationship? One guess.

      To wrap up, I did enjoy Englehart's run on FF back in the day, but I don't crave a re-read as much as other runs like the ones by Byrne, Simonson, and Waid. Still this issue was a little better than I remembered and fun to revisit.

      Thanks, and until the next final-final episode... really, the show's still going... yeah, ok...