Sunday, March 17, 2019

Squadron SupremeCast Promo

Announcing the newest show from the Pulp2Pixel podcast network: The Squadron SupremeCast! Join your Secret Wars buddies, Sean and Greg, as they review the seminal 1985 mini-series by Gruenwald and Hall, which paved the road for Watchmen, Civil War, and the decades of comics that followed.
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  1. Excited for this! Pulling down the old issues to get ready.

    Alas, my trade paperback went the way all the first printing did: destroyed trying to collect enough of Gruenwald's DNA to clone him. (If only enough of us had been on the internet back then to coordinate our efforts!)

  2. Can't wait for this. I only read the maxiseries recently as I was unaware of its existence (don't think it was released in the UK back when I was collecting in the 80s). After finding out about it my wife bought it me for Christmas and I fell in love with it. Looking forward to your thoughts on it.