Sunday, March 17, 2019

Episode #096 - The What If...Cast - 01

Welcome Junior Watchers!

Join me, Dr. G the Man of Nerdology, with my rotating team-up of returning co-hosts and new co-hosts as we explore the realm of what could have been on the What If...Cast. In each episode we will explore an issue of Marvel Comics anthology series WHAT IF as we dive into the infinite possibilities of the Marvel Multiverse.

In this inaugural episode, my long time co-host Sean joins me to read and review Issue 1 of Volume 1 of What If from 1977. This kicks off imprint with the story "What If Spider-Man Joined the Fantastic Four?"

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  1. Gotta say, it's great hearing Dr G and Sean together. Your Secret Wars episodes on SW&B were so good, and you work so well together. The magic is still there.

    To be honest, I haven't read many "What If?" issues. The concept is fascinating, but the stories themselves all head towards "unhappy endings." Younger me could not stand stories where my heroes didn't win at the end. To a degree, I'm still that way, even though I'm a (slightly) more mature reader now. I understand the reason why the stories go that way, but it didn't make me want to read them. But your show is a great excuse to give them a try, so thank you!

    Still, of the handful I've read, I do have a couple of favorites. Vol 1 #29 "the Avengers defeated everybody", and Vol 2 #4 "the alien costume possessed Spider-Man". They both have some great moments, and that Spider-Man story is probably my favorite concept of all.

    As for Vol 1 #1, good choice to start off the show. I agree this story was more on the FF than Spider-Man, but amazed how much ground Roy Thomas could cram into this issue. There was some fascinating callbacks to other FF stories, as only Roy could do. And oy, very sorry to have this testosterone-only team by the end. But a fun read.

    That's more than enough for now. Till next time, You-Ah-Twos!

  2. I almost forgot! Spider-Man teammates! I have to say, I wanted the core group from New Avengers to keep going: Spider-Man, Wolverine, Luke Cage, and Spider-Woman. They would all let the others do solo stuff, but help each other out without being a crutch. And their chemistry together was so good.

    If I couldn't have that, you know there's the obvious answer: Firestar and Iceman.