Saturday, May 9, 2020

Never Ending Reading PIle Episode 1 - Legion of Super-Heroes Annual #1

Welcome to the Never Ending Reading Pile! In this show, Greg and Sean review and discuss single issue storylines or short arcs from their favorite comics and delve into why they love the characters and creators. We are bringing the joy and reminding you and ourselves why we love comics! 

In this issue, Sean and Greg review Legion of Super-Heroes Annual 1 and dare to answer the question, "Who Shot Laruel Kent"? 


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  1. Yay! The boys are back! Just like old times, and I'm loving it.

    I actually got on board with Levitz Legion close to its end (the crossover with Byrne's Superman), but a friend sold me the Great Darkness Saga, and I worked hard to backfill as many issues as I could. I do want to read the Baxter series as a DCU app project, but I haven't started yet. Maybe now is the time, thanks to this issue. Yep, this was pretty standard Levitz Legion, so that's awesome.

    During the podcast, there was a moment when Greg said "Colossus, uh, Colossal Boy." Inadvertently perfect callback to Secret Wars and Beyond, with Kitty Pryde/Colossus/Zsaji instead of Violet/Colossal Boy/Yera!

    So which is worse? Gym staying with Yera, or Johnny Storm leaving Leeja? Both marriages under false pretenses.

    And see, that whole situation explains Vi's behavior in the game room. Yes, she's gruff and tough by this point, but she is still very angry about Yera impersonating her, AND at Gym for staying married to her. But she's trying not to make a big deal about it for the sake of the team. Gym is blockheaded enough to not realize what's going on, let alone do something about it. And he totally should be the one to try and clear the air with Vi.

    It's to Levitz's credit that he doesn't overly explain this situation or footnote it in every issue. I'm trying to remember if Levitz got around to having Gym and Vi truly have it out, giving Vi the closure she desperately deserves. (Vi and Yera had some closure during 5YL, but I'm undecided if that counts.) Something I'll watch for in my re-read.

    Thanks for the great show, guys! I'm still working on a nickname, but hopefully I'll have it next time!