Sunday, May 31, 2020

NeverEnding Reading PIle Episode 2 - Fantastic Four Annual 17

On this second episode of the Never Ending Reading PIle, Greg and Sean become lactose intoleratnt as they review one of the oddest issues of all time: Fantastic Four Annual #17! Welcome to the Twilight Zone, brought to you by John Byrne and company. 


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  1. I was buying Byrne's FF when I could from the spinner racks, but missed a lot and only managed to backfill them after She-Hulk joined the team. This was an issue I missed. But wow, I loved it! Especially with the story being from Sharon's point-of-view, like you guys noted. It was such a novelty in my superhero comics. So good.

    One thing I enjoyed in Byrne's run was his using the original Fantasticar rather than the upgraded model. Now that I'm reading the early FF issues along with Make Ours Marvel, it was a surprise to see the flying bathtub was only around for the first year before being replaced. I love the wonkiness and simplicity of its design, so it's great seeing it in his run.

    So the Skrull milk replenishes itself. Reed's anti-Skrull enzyme replenishes itself. Reed just use Skrull milk to make the enzyme, didn't he!! GAH! BLEAH! AUGH!

    See you next time Neverending Pylons!