Monday, July 13, 2020

Episode #128 - Secret Wars & Beyond #35

Marvel's Secret Wars & Beyond is be a monthly show where Sean, Greg, and Doctor G will read & review Marvel's 1984 series Secret Wars as well as the sequels and connected issues.

With Secret Wars II firmly behind us we are now looking to the next iteration of the the Secret Wars title. To this end we will be reading an reviewing the Jonathan Hickman run of Secret Wars from 2015

In this episode, Sean and Dr. G delve deeper into the newly formed Battleworld with issue 3 "The Eye of Doom". Join us as we look at the power dynamics at the heart of Battleworld between Doctor Strange and Doctor Doom. 

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  1. So many wonderful thoughts from both of you on this issue, it was just a delight to listen. I don't really think about Victor and Stephen's relationship too deeply. It's played as a king (the ruler) and his chief of staff (the person who actually runs the kingdom). Sure, there's some fun nuances to the writing of their dialog, but it's the rare thing in this story which I take at face value. Doom's the boss, and Strange the lackey but a very powerful lackey who "knows where the bodies are buried." That last part IS literal, as Strange has Reed's life raft!

    Ok, 8 years. Franklin might still be younger than 8 (hard to keep track), and Valeria is definitely less than 8. So are they Victor's biological children, or Reed's? I contend completely that they are Reed's, and their existence is totally Doom resurrecting them from 616, and manipulating their minds. Same with Sue. Because that's just yet another way for Doom to assert his dominance over Reed. Not creating a different version of his family, but co-opting Reed's actual family and making them love him. It's such a Doom move, it has to be the case.

    Till next time, Beyondists!

  2. Loving the show! I'm up to S3 E1 now. Love to listen while driving to the cottage or mowing the lawn.

    Doom is the best villain, and I agree that the reason SWII stunk, among other things, is that Doom was not the central character.

    My feeling is that not only does Doom want to be the most powerful being in all of the multiverse, I think he truly enjoys cuckolding Reed.

    He's taken his wife as the ultimate spoils of war. Not just his wife but his children as well. It's the ultimate power move.

    Reed not blasting Victor into atoms (see Cyclops and Mister Sinister during Inferno) is bananas.

    Can't wait to get caught up!

  3. Hi Jay!

    Glad you have found our show. You'll be excited to see the new episode just dropped again. Thanks for giving us a listen.