Saturday, July 4, 2020

The Never Ending Reading Pile Episode #3 - Flash 19

On this episode of the Never Ending Reading Pile, Sean and Greg discuss Wally West, the greatest Flash and focus on a fun done-in-one story that draws a clear line between his version and Barry Allen's. Are you ready to party with the Rogues? 

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  1. My Barry Allen history was very small: Filmation cartoons, Super Friends, JLA Treasury Editions, a couple JLA or Flash comics, but my collecting mostly kicked off after Crisis. That gave me the chance to read Wally as Flash from issue #1 of his series.

    So I agree with all of your thoughts on Wally vs Barry, and the creative teams on this volume. I like the stories the Speed Force allowed, so I guess I'm pro-SF. Mark Waid's run is my favorite, but this issue defined W.M-L's run so I'll always have huge love for this period. Just so great!

    Big yes to issue #1 being a classic Flash comic. The YJ cartoon episode blew me away, because it was so good, and remarkably very faithful to the comic showing just how good it was. Excellent call back!

    Great episode! Pile it on, guys!

  2. The best part of Wally's arc as Flash is the powers came with a learning curve. He built towards his full power set rather than having it since jump. He also had a childhood and relationship with a mentor that fleshed him out more. You can see how when flash goes to adaption in TV. They make Barry Allen the Flash but give him a distinctly Wall West power development arc. Even the whole death of his mom angle of recent years for Barry smacks of a mirror to Wally's troubled parental relationships.