Thursday, September 10, 2020

Never Ending Reading Pile Episode 5 - West Coast Avengers

On this episode of the Never Ending Reading Pile, Sean and Greg talk about the amazing West Coast Avengers! Join them as they devle into one of the great Avengers teams of all time and take some time to focus on the relationship between Hank Pym and his son (?) Ultron. 

West Coast Avengers (1984) #1 | Comic Issues | Marvel

West Coast Avengers comic books issue 7

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  1. Ah, West Coast Avengers. WCA. Whackos. I'd been collecting Avengers consistently starting with #205 and jumped right on board with the WCA mini and ongoing at the same time. IMHO, the mini holds up as one of the best mini-series ever. The ongoing can be a little hard me to take nowadays, with the extreme level of soap opera plots going on. But I do look back on it fondly for what it was.

    This specific issue certainly has the drama amped up to 11. (Ultron-11, that is.) The crazy turn of Mark wanting to reconcile with Hank has interesting potential. But I do think this was the story Englehart wanted to tell. No lingering on the relationship, just a quick tug at the heart strings and move on, re-establishing Ultron as a threat. It seems like the kind of curveball he'd throw at us readers.

    But what is it about Ultron losing his head? If I'm remembering right, the first Ultron story finished with his head on an empty lot, with a kid using it like a soccer ball. I read it in an Avengers Treasury Edition, and definitely the first Ultron story I ever read. Biggest threat in the universe, can't keep his head on.

    Here you managed to link this story to both Secret Wars I and II, and still missed the biggest link. When Wonder Man gets his new costume in #12, he also gets a new hairdo, dying it black and getting a perm, totally stealing the Beyonder's 'do! Because that seals the deal on how *awful* the new look is.

    Great episode, of course! Till next time, Pile-ons!