Sunday, May 3, 2015

Secret Origins

Welcome to the Pulp 2 Pixel Podcast Blog.

The endeavor you have before you is a a labor born out of many loves. It starts with my love of comic books, one of my earliest and greatest of nerd loves from my childhood, and my love of podcasts, my most recent of nerd loves. It also includes my love of hanging out with friends and talking about comics. I struck upon the obvious idea of bringing all of them together into one thing. So here I am. Starting a blog and recording podcast content.

Once I decided to go down this path, I came upon one of the biggest hurdles to making this podcast a reality. What was this new podcast going to be about? I thought about it for a long time, playing around with a number of different concepts and format types. I wanted to also be open for many different topics to cover. I finally settled upon the following concepts to cover on the podcast and the blog.

The Podcasts


This is the first of the two podcast series I have currently planned to produce. This series will cover an issue by issue review and discussion of the Kurt Busiek, Alex Ross, and Brent Anderson's masterpiece of superhero world building, Astro City. At the time of the writing of the post, I and my Rogues Gallery of co-hosts are currently recording episodes covering issues 1-6 of volume 1 of Astro City. 

The second series planned for the podcast will be an issue by issue review and critiques of Warren Ellis, John Cassaday, and Laura Martin's genere spanning deconstruction of the superhero, Planetary. This series will serve as counter point to Welcome to Astro City's look at that series reconstruction of the superhero genere.

The Blog

Just like the podcast end of this Pulp 2 Pixel Family of creative outings, I have two blog series planned for this website. The first is titled, Raiders of the Lost Longbox. This is planned as a personal look at the first comics that influnced my love of the medium until this day. I also plan to have contributing articles on this topic as well from my co-hosts and other guests. 

The second planned series is a look at the ever growing world of comics and superheroes across multiple media formats. Here I will include reviews of games, cartoons, the ever growing crop of TV shows, and the blockbuster superhero movie industry.

It is an ambitious plan and I am only now at the first faltering steps of this creative journey. I hope you, my true believing lovers of comics and superheroes, will stick around to see where it goes.

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